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Your Body Has A Health Reset Button

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Health Reset Button

The Bad

Did you know that recent research shows that if you have a subluxation (that’s what I adjust when you come in for care) for more than 14 days it will cause “an inescapable degenerative pathological progression?”  Fancy words.  It boils down to this.  If you want to maintain optimal health, you need to come in for a check up every two weeks. If you want to IMPROVE your health status, you need to come more often.

The Good

You see, a subluxation, once formed, becomes a habit – it’s a neurological pattern. Once your body is used to that pattern, it’s harder to break it. Makes sense, right? The chiropractic adjustment is a neurological pattern interrupt.  The chiropractic adjustment is the body’s health reset button. Here you thought I was pushing bones or joints around, right? The most important thing that happens at an office visit at Transforming Chiropractic is your nervous system being “reset” so you can heal and function optimally. So make sure you’re set up for a health reset button triggering every other week or more often. Your mind and body will thank you.

The Answer

To make an appointment to have your spine and nervous system checked call 952-224-2909 or email me.

Yours in health,
Dr Chris Frykman

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