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Pre-season Tune up Special!

Chiropractic Tune-Up Special USAT Chiropractor

Pre-season Tune up Special – January ONLY

Triathlete Tune-Up 1 Calling all triathletes…
You wouldn’t race a bike that wasn’t tuned-up, would you? Well, how about your body.

The most important thing you can do to perform well in triathlon is to work on yourself. That means training. Training means you need optimal recovery. You cannot recover well if your body is not functioning optimally.
Triathlete Tune-Up 2
Come in and get a Total Health Scan and Stress Response Evaluation. We’ll find out together if there is anything you can do to optimize your training AND your racing performance this year, including everything from structural misalignments, which cause wear and tear and drain extra energy due to compensating musculature, all the way to brain function. If you’re brain isn’t activating your muscles and coordinating your joints at 100%, than you’re likely to end up injured or at least disappointed on race day.

Triathlete Tune-Up 3 Dr Chris Frykman is a chiropractor, applied kinesiologist, and a certified USAT coach. He loves triathlons, he loves helping triathletes, and he’s good at it.

  • Total Health Scan
  • Stress Response Evaluation
  • and Chiropractic Treatment

for only $39.00 (a BIG savings of $195.00).

Appointments are limited.
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