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Detox Tips

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Detox-Program-Part-2I’m about a week out from coming off of my detox.  It was a huge success.  I feel younger, lighter, I’m recovering better from my running and my aches and pains are gone.  I know my body is working better.  I’m eating so much better – more veggies, fruits, healthy proteins and fats.  Grains are practically a thing of the past.  Cravings are much reduced from previous levels.  This morning I had a friend ask me for tips.  She wants to reclaim her health and lose some unwanted weight at the same time.  She’s currently 5 days into the Clear Change Protocol (10 day version).  Let me know if you want more information about it.  Here’s my response to her.

Sleep Right

Sleep is so so helpful for a number of things, optimal body composition being one of them.  Try to get to bed every night at the same time, by 10pm is optimal.  One of the things proper sleep will do for you is shift you away from a catabolic, cortisol-laden system to an anabolic, muscle building, fat burning, growth hormone releasing, lean, mean fighting machine.

Poop Right

Healthy gut function is paramount.  I could talk about this for days.  Suffice to say, if you aren’t pooping well and often you aren’t healthy.  I recommend this general protocol for anyone doing any detox.  Purchase a few UltraFlora Spectrum.

1 twice a day
2 twice a day
3 twice a day
4 twice a day
5 twice a day
4 twice a day
3 twice a day
2 twice a day
1 twice a day

On the way up, wait at least 3 days in-between and don’t move up to the higher dose until you don’t have any negative symptoms such as bloating, loose stools, or the like.  On the way down, wait at least 3 days between dosing changes and feel free to linger at each level longer.  You can’t overdose on this stuff and healthy gut flora helps with so many things.  If you have dysbiosis (too much bad bacteria or yeast) that can lead to all sorts of issues just like poor sleep can.  If you have proper gut flora, it’ll actually “eat” some of your calories.  If you don’t, you’ll be predisposed to obesity.


If An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure than an ounce of preparation will help you lose a pound on a detox.  If you take a couple hours on a day you have more time to prep food for easy grabbing, it’ll make it easier.  I find one of the hardest things about eating healthy is that it’s not convenient.  My life is PACKED!!!  Training, racing, traveling to CO to be with my love, running a business here, starting an online business, and being an awesome Daddy.  It’s a lot.  So I need ease in my life.  You can always swing by the Wedge or Whole Foods and you can get some Fish and Kale or something but that adds up quickly.  Chop some veggies, cook some protein or even just cut it and wrap it so it’s ready to cook up when you get home and you want something without a fuss.

Get Adjusted

If you aren’t moving, you won’t have an optimal body composition.  Period.  Regular chiropractic care will keep you in the game and moving well. What’s more, good chiropractic care will optimize your brain function which controls your digestion, your endocrine system and the rest of your body.  You simply won’t reach your full potential in life if you aren’t getting adjusted.  That might sound like a big statement but it’s the truth with all healthy lifestyle habits.  Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, Chiropractic care, etc.


Drinking lots of good quality water will help flush toxins and actually help you release water weight.  Seems backwards but it’s how it works.  One of the insidious reasons why coffee and alcohol are so bad is simply because you can’t get enough water when you’re drinking other stuff. Aim for 1/2 your body weight in pounds in ounces of water per day.  (i.e. 150 pound human should drink 75 ounces of water/day)  Plus replace what you burn during workouts.  All water is not created equal.

If you want explanations on any of these strategies, or if you have questions about detoxification or weight loss, I’m here to help and to heal.  Please email me or call the clinic at the number below.

Yours in health,

Dr Chris Frykman

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