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Detox Tips

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Detox-Program-Part-2I’m about a week out from coming off of my detox.  It was a huge success.  I feel younger, lighter, I’m recovering better from my running and my aches and pains are gone.  I know my body is working better.  I’m eating so much better – more veggies, fruits, healthy proteins and fats.  Grains are practically a thing of the past.  Cravings are much reduced from previous levels.  This morning I had a friend ask me for tips.  She wants to reclaim her health and lose some unwanted weight at the same time.  She’s currently 5 days into the Clear Change Protocol (10 day version).  Let me know if you want more information about it.  Here’s my response to her.

Sleep Right

Sleep is so so helpful for a number of things, optimal body composition being one of them.  Try to get to bed every night at the same time, by 10pm is optimal.  One of the things proper sleep will do for you is shift you away from a catabolic, cortisol-laden system to an anabolic, muscle building, fat burning, growth hormone releasing, lean, mean fighting machine.

Poop Right

Healthy gut function is paramount.  I could talk about this for days.  Suffice to say, if you aren’t pooping well and often you aren’t healthy.  I recommend this general protocol for

Metabolic Detox Program

Written by Dr. Chris Frykman. Posted in Detox, Minneapolis Chiropractor: Dr. Chris Frykman's Blog


What’s a Detox?

There are so many different “detox’s”, “cleanses”, fad diets, and the like out there.  It can be really hard to know what’s actually healthy and what’s just a bad idea.  As a Chiropractor, Health Coach, Applied Kinesiologist, and a Functional Neurologist I have years of clinical experience as well as 1000’s hours of training.  I also have personal experience going through many different types of programs myself.

The best detox protocols will include getting off of all foods that your sensitive to to lift the toxic burden from your body.  In addition, it should include high quality nutritional support.  Detoxification is a natural process that is happening constantly in your body, or you would be dead.  The right nutritional support will push the healthy pathways, thus providing so many great benefits like

  • decreased pain & inflammation
  • clear thinking
  • reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and all chronic degenerative diseases
  • improved digestion
  • improved immune function
  • and more

Why Now?

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