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What’s the Number One Health Destroyer?

Written by Dr. Chris Frykman. Posted in Minneapolis Chiropractor: Dr. Chris Frykman's Blog

Chronic Stress

The Problem: Chronic Stress.

At Transforming Chiropractic, I see chronic stress as the biggest player in what, for some, is a losing battle with health.  In health issues ranging from degenerative diseases to shoulder pain, chronic stress is most often a major contributor. When stress overwhelms your body. Something is going to snap. Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say:

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all your body’s processes.
If chronic stress is such a big concern, what then, do we do?  What’s the solution?  We can’t run and hide.  Stressors aren’t going anywhere.

The Solution: Know Thyself

The first step is understanding how YOUR body handles stress. Two people can be in the exact same situation and yet their bodies response completely differently. A Stress Response Evaluation in which brain waves and other bodily functions are monitored is the place to start.  Once we know how your body is reacting to the stressors of daily living, we can begin to design practical strategies to build your resilience to those stressors.

Dr. Epel said,

It appears that resilience can ward off sickness and let us live longer, while those who feel overwhelmed by life may have a shorter one to live.
I think that this is yet another call to people to be alarmed about their stress levels, and to take them seriously. The cell is not a closed system. What happens in the mind, in particular, perceptions of stress, can indeed affect the most fundamental unit of our physical beings.
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