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Newly Expanded Spring Hours

Written by Dr. Chris Frykman. Posted in Minneapolis Chiropractor: Dr. Chris Frykman's Blog

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Thanks to you our practice is growing!  Transforming Chiropractic is in high demand and we’re responding with our newly expanded spring hours.  Effective immediately Dr Frykman will be doubling his practice hours, which will now include treating practice members five days a week.

The new hours are as follows:

Monday: 6am-10am and 11am-2pm
Tuesday: 6am-10am
Wednesday: 6am-10am and 11am-2pm
Thursday: 11am-2pm
Friday: 6am-10am and 11am-2pm

Now you can start your day right.  You like to get your workouts done first thing.  You feel better when you have a good breakfast.  Now boost your health by getting your nervous system adjusted and balanced before you start your day.  How will your day be better with more energy and focus?

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