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Blue Zone Living

Written by Dr. Chris Frykman. Posted in Minneapolis Chiropractor: Dr. Chris Frykman's Blog

The 2008 book by Dan Buettner entitled, Blue Zones: Lessons from Living Longer from People Who’ve Lived the Longest details the most common demoninator’s of cultures where people are living longer and healthier – areas now being referred to as Blue Zones. Follow suit and you’ll be living longer and enjoying life more along the way!

Here’s the list of Blue Zone characteristics:

  1. Be Active
  2. Cut Calories by 20%
  3. Cut down on meat and processed foods
  4. Drink red wine in moderation
  5. Have a life mission AND BE WORKING ON IT
  6. Take time to relieve stress
  7. Participate in a community of like-minded people
  8. Make family a priority
  9. Surround yourself by others that are doing the first eight items on this list

Here’s to you!

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