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Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, can cause fatigue, depression, sugar cravings, weight gain, headaches, and mood swings.  Hypoglycemia is both a cause of certain health problems and also the result of other health problems. It can be caused by digestive problems, stress and adrenal gland problems, and nutrient deficiency, to name just a few. But perhaps the biggest culprit is poor eating habits (food high on the Glycemic Index).

The Glycemic Index is a measure of how fast blood sugar rises after eating certain foods. If a food has a high glycemic index, it will cause the body to produce a lot of insulin in response. Keep in mind insulin is a storage hormone.  Thus, it increases fat storage. Typically, an individual with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) will produce too much insulin and the blood sugar will drop precipitously. The individual then craves sugar or carbohydrates to increase the blood sugar, which triggers more insulin and so on. Eating food with a low glycemic index and eating frequently will help to stop the sugar/insulin roller coaster.

I must stress that the glycemic index is not the only consideration when choosing foods to improve hypoglycemia. Whole foods with all of the vitamin and mineral cofactors are important sources of the nutrients necessary for restoring the body’s biochemistry. Additionally, there are a variety of natural supplements that can speed along the process of getting your blood sugar under control.

Controlling your blood sugar can make a significant difference in your body weight and how you feel overall.  Feel free to call Transforming Chiropractic at 952-224-2909 for any guidance.

Yours in health!

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